The Objectives of OTW (Options Trading Wizard)

  • Influence a change in perspectives relating to the stock market, investing, and trading in order to obtain Financial Freedom to live your desired lifestyle

  • Provide Options education and coaching along with risk free income to Family and Friends – an “earn and learn” benefit

  • Contribute my knowledge, experience, and expertise to helping others understand the “Wealth Cloud” and global flow of money

  • Serve the educationally underserved and help make the complex simple

OTW will consult, educate, and coach you on:

  • Mastering the basics of trading Options – The buying and selling of Put and Call contracts

  • The key variables to understand when considering an options contract – the stock or ETF outlook (bullish or bearish) and IV, strike prices, option expiration date, target profit amount, return percentage and your desired price for exiting the contract.

  • How to profit from Options in ANY market trend… up, down or sideways!

  • Understanding and applying the Option strategies of expert traders that provide them with minimum losses and maximum returns.

  • Using Candlestick patterns to evaluate market trends and time trade entries and exits for larger than average profit potential.

  • Learning rock solid income strategies that pay you no matter if your trading style is ‘Bullish’ or ‘Bearish’.

  • How to turn your Options trading into a weekly and monthly income generator.

  • Trading Bull Put and Bear Call Credit Spreads, by staying on the positive side of any movement in pricing.

  • How to take advantage of the increased income potential from trading Iron Condors

  • What to do to reduce your trade risk, and increase your profit potential.

  • Receive key portfolio strategies to manage your portfolio smarter, resulting in more consistent gains

  • How to fix “Broken Trades” that go against your expectations.. You’ll be able to make necessary adjustments to turn losing trades into winning trades.

  • And More