Financial Literacy Presentations

All presentations are designed to be exciting, enjoyable, entertaining, and educational.  My seminar presentations have been designed to cover personal financial literacy (“The Big Five of Money”), how money flows in the world of finance (“The Wealth Cloud and Global Money Flow”), and understanding how to participate in the global flow of money (“Trading Stock and ETF Options for Income”). I want to motivate attendees to gain a new perspective on achievable life style changes for their financial freedom by becoming financially literate as a result of obtaining financial education.

Topics that are covered in my various seminars or classes are:

  • Financial Illiteracy Epidemic, and Financial Literacy
  • My 30+ years of obtaining a financial education
  • The Benefits of Financial Literacy
  • The Psychology of Money and Wealth
  • Highlights of my unique Financial Literacy Program
  • The Big Five of Money (Earn, Spend, Borrow, Save & Invest, Protect)
  • The Wealth Cloud and Global Money Flow
  • The Financial Services Consumer (understanding credit cards, checking, savings, loans, debt, investments, credit, interest, insurance, taxes, scams)
  • The Financial Services Providers (about banks, credit unions, mutual funds, brokerage firms, hedge funds, corporations, governments, insurance companies)
  • Visualizing your Throne of Financial Freedom (how to live your desired lifestyle)
  • Course modules of a unique, customized Financial Literacy Program
  • Recommendations for the Future (jobs, self employment, business ownership, investor, and obtaining financial education)
  • Four reasons to trade options for income: 1-Defined risks; 2-Leverage; 3-Low-entry cost; 4-Flexibility
  • Components and Importance of Estate Planning
  • Financial Literacy Action Items to help Youth 3-18 years of age
  • Financial Literacy Action Items to help Young Adults
  • Financial Education support resources available